The Workshops

We aim to provide an engaging programme of activities and workshops whilst allowing space for personal time and forging connections.

We will keep the silence in the morning with an optional session of yoga or mindfulness practice to start the day.

The workshops from 9.45 to 13.00 – over the four days (12 hours total) – offer an opportunity to explore deeply one area that incorporates the 16G.

In the afternoons, there will be a choice of six 90-minute workshops each day. These will offer a taste of varied topics and will be an opportunity to meet specialist presenters and share your interest in the topic. On Tuesday, our final day together, we will gather in our full group in the afternoon.

More details of morning and afternoon workshops are listed below.


Morning Workshops

16G for Children

In this workshop we will explore the potential of the 16 Guidelines when working with children and teenagers, both in the education field as well as at home. Tons of ideas to put into practise as a teacher or a parent! 

By Cecilia Buzon

Facing Death, Discovering Life

In every moment our lifes are touched and informed by the underlying intrinisic experience of impermanence.

Using the Guidelines and 16G tools and activities we will reflect on how we think, act, relate and find meaning in the face of impermanence in both life and death.

We will explore practical strategies to enrich and deepen our understanding and experience of what it means to be alive and how we can create circumstances to approach death with confidence and peace of mind.

By Marian O’Dwyer

Deepening and Integrating the 16G

The 16G can be understood and experienced from many different angles, they are pointers that can be used and adapted to circumstances in a rich variety of ways, becoming very reliable and invaluable supports as we navigate life.

This workshop will be a time together to deepen the Four Wisdom Themes as the basis for a better understanding and opening to who we are – getting in touch with our inner self and our heart-mind. Each day, we will explore one Wisdom Theme and one related guideline. As we deepen and integrate the basic 16G course, we will see how all of life’s experiences are learning opportunities, bringing more happiness, care and inner peace to ourselves and others, offering meaning and kindness to our lives.

By Hilary McMichael

 Afternoon Workshops

Mindful Speech

Within right speech lies all the other guidelines. This workshop will explore ‘Right Speech’ through the framework of the wisdom themes, with exercises, and discussion to help us develop and embody kinder and more mindful communication. This workshop draws on the experience of ‘ inspired by’ courses developed in 2017.

By Mabel Odessey

Neurobiology of the 16G

Neurobiology of the 16G. In this workshop we will be presenting the neuroscientific bases to understand the origin and the function of our emotions and how to exploit them for our well being. 

By Cecilia Buzon

16 Guidelines and Yoga

Explore how the 16 Guidelines can deepen the Yoga practice on the mat, how to use the Guidelines within the path of Yoga as a tool for reflection, and how to implement Yoga and 16 Guidelines in our daily lives.

By Claudia Van Zuiden

16G in Prisons

Based on our experience with the EnVi Association in Barcelona prisons, we will present the origin, development, methodology and practical experience of the working group “Learning to live and learning to die”. Topics include 16G shadow side, Reiki, Shiné meditation and Vipassana.


By Andreu y Montse Estany i Ricart


End of Life Care – Support in Never Ending Change.

Just as the 16G are a valid instrument in our daily life, they also bring their transforming power to accompany the end of life and the death of those close to us as well as our own one.

Exploring these tools in such a context will greatly enhance our capacity to recognize the importance of awareness of death and impermanence in our life.

By Bruno Rizzi

“See me / see inside me” Working with disability based on the 16G and Mindfulness 

Exploring the challenges of working within the current educational system and using practices that reinforce potential and make limitations more flexible. How to accompany and strengthen a person with disabilities, and see things from a different perspective.

Students’ stories will illustrate this process.

By Gabriella Mansilla

 Palliative Care – We Can’t Do Everything Alone, an introduction.

The needs and fears of people approaching death are essentially the same as those who are “fully” in life. Seeing this sameness and using the principles of Palliative Care combined with the 4 Wisdom Themes we can be more present to support those dying and facing the challenges of the end of life.

By Bruno Rizzi

 Mindful Walking

With mindful awareness we can deepen our perception & appreciation of our inner and outer worlds. Join us to explore the world mindfully through our 6 senses as we take a relaxed walk through the Chateau grounds.

By Marian O’Dwyer

“The Attention Revolution”

The epidemic of distraction

Letting go of reactivity

Dwelling in The Gap between stimulus and response

The “everyday sublime” and 16 G as part of the Path?

By Paul Wielgus

The Four Wisdom Themes

Follow the thread which connects and supports the Four Wisdom Themes, exploring their interaction and interdependence. We’ll share our personal experiences to understand how the Wisdom Themes are supported by the 16G to provide a path towards a more open, joyous and loving connection to our world.

By Marian O’Dwyer


« Motivation and Dedication » – Establishing the Direction.

As an essential part of 16G and mindfulness, we’ll explore the processes involved in generating motivation and dedication in our mind and heart. Understanding these will greatly enhance our appreciation of their value and “motivate” us to make them part of our everyday life.

By Bruno Rizzi

«The Shadow Aspect of the 16G» – Where there is light, shadow is not far away.

Is generosity always the wish to give? Does right speech mean never saying a lie? To discover your courage must you risk your life? We will explore how developing compassion and wisdom in oneself is the key for the 16G to manifest fully and effectively in their transformative potential.

By Bruno Rizzi

16G and the 16 Human Dharmas

In this workshop we will actively explore the history of the 16G – their origins in a 7th century text by Songtsen Gampo, the adaptation of the root verses of the 16 Human Dharmas (HD) for a secular audience, and how they evolved into their current form. We will examine the emphasis in the 16HD on how to behave towards family members and the local community, which is particularly relevant given some of the adverse effects of individualistic societies.

By Wendy Ridley

16G and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an integral part of all 4 Wisdom Themes and a core component of 16G work. When facilitating mindfulness sessions in a secular workshop like 16G, we need to be aware of the many different definitions and the full context of the original instructions on mindfulness. So what kind of ‘mindfulness’ are we talking about? This 90 minute workshop will explore a range of definitions and we will be encouraged to come to some conclusions about how we define and practice mindfulness in the context of 16G.

By Wendy Ridley

Enhancing Your Positive Qualities Using the 16G

Which of the guidelines comes naturally for you? Learn a simple and very practical mind and heart reflection that you can use again and again to create positive change in your life. You will have the opportunity through this experiential practice to strengthen, enhance and expand your own positive qualities. Get clarity on how you can best benefit others, be more confident, grounded and well-balanced.  

By Shelley Urlando

Thriving in Family Life Using the 16G

How can we support ourselves, grow resilience, and thrive in the face of life’s everyday challenges? We will be exploring the guidelines in ways that are very meaningful and practical in bringing about transformational change within yourself and in relationships with those you love.

By Shelley Urlando

16G and Forgiveness

The goal of this workshop is to reclaim our freedom to love. To no longer be a prisoner of the past, of what others have done or said to us. Forgiving is the rebirth of love.

Let us become the actors of the healing of the hurts of our heart.

By Isabelle Chavanat

Color in the heart of being

« Color is everything. When the color is right, the shape is right. Color is each and everything, color is vibration, just as music. Everything is vibration. » Marc Chagall.

I beckon you to discover the sacred universe of color and its symbolic language using the card game I have created. By bringing together a wisdom from the 16 Guidelines with its color, you can let your joyful creativity and your inspiration be revealed. 16G also invite this inner exploration in the company of paints and crayons.

 By Béatrice Testet

Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom programmes

Learn more about the three Programmes which FDCW has recognised as being Universal Education:  The Potential Project will be presented by Paul Wielgus,  Creating Compassionate Cultures will be presented by Nicolas Brun and Transformative Mindfulness Methods will be presented by Shelley Urlando. Nicolas Brun will also introduce FDCW’s new programme The A.R.T. of Fulfilment. Each of the three presenters has studied and facilitated the programme they will be explaining. Learn more and get a taste of the content offered by these diverse programmes whose commonality is that their guiding inspiration was Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom.

By Nicolas Brun, Shelley Urlando and Paul Wielgus