The Facilitators

Bruno Rizzi

Italian. After meeting late Ven. Lama Yeshe and Ven. Lama Zopa Rinpoche in 1981, he became a Buddhist monk for 7 years.

Since 2003 he has been working in Munich as a palliative care nurse. He leads retreats and courses on the topic of “Awareness of Death, Being Near to Life”.

Cecilia Buzon

Cecilia is a neuropsycho educator, and a teacher in elementary school.

She has been teaching for 22 years and has incorporated the 16G in the classroom since 8 years. She has developed curricular programs based on 16G in both English and Spanish, encouraging the social and emotional education of infants, children and teenagers.


Claudia van Zuiden

Dutch. Solution Focused therapist and coach. She teaches Meditation, 5 Tibetan Yogas, Hatha Yoga, and facilitates workshops in Life-Skills, Team building, and 16 Guidelines. She is the founder of Solution Ways : a holistic solution focused practice for well-being based in Scotland, UK.

Gabriela Mansilla

Patagonia, Argentina.

Professor for the blind and visually challenged, and practicing in the field of Mental Health and Palliative Care. Gaby has worked for 10 years in special education with babies, children and teenagers. Co-founder of Fundación Educación Universal Patagonia-Argentina.


Andreu Estany Ricart

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Retired psychologist and practicing Buddhist. He has worked with youth for over 25 years and currently supports people struggling with illness or who are socially disadvantaged.

Montserrat Quera Company

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

A retired teacher and practicing Buddhist, she has worked for over 35 years with teens. Montse is interested in emotional education and ethics.


Paul Wielgus

Paul works extensively with businesses, coaching for leadership and teams, and he uses emotional intelligence (EQ) tools and techniques.

His prime focus is Attention and Awareness Training, with a strong conviction that what we focus on determines our reality.

He is also a senior consultant and trainer with Potential Project.

Hilary Mc Michael

Hilary works with Universal Education since 2009, first as a  translator and later on as a teacher. 

She facilitates de 16 Guidelines workshops as well as Transformative Mindfulness Methods (TMM).

She is also qualified to teach the MBSR program (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) of Jon Kabat-Zin. 

Mabel Odessey

Photographer, teacher, gardener, and founding member of Education Universelle France, Mabel is a 16G facilitator since 2015. In 2017 she co-created and facilitated, with Hilary McMichael, a Compassionate Communication workshop “inspired by the 16G”.


Wendy Ridley

Having met Lama Yeshe in 1977 Wendy was inspired by his vision of Universal Education. Wendy has over 30 years experience working in education – as a teacher, university lecturer, education department advisor and consultant. This has provided her with skills and passion to develop, deliver and oversee training programmes. Wendy is a FDCW Board member since 2004. She is a qualified yoga teacher and as a Senior 16G Facilitator she enjoys running 16G workshops and editing UE materials.


Marian O’Dwyer

Marian encountered Universal Education and the 16G program in 2010,  working for two years as the Teachings and Accreditation Manager at FDCW. Currently she consults for FDCW: developing 16G courses, mentoring and supporting 16G development worldwide. She has delivered over forty 16G workshops in the Americas and Europe. Marian is a 16G senior facilitator.

Shelley Urlando

Shelley Urlando is the International Co-Trainer of Transformative Mindfulness Methods developed by Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, supporting facilitators in 13 countries. She is the Program Coordinator for Universal Education Programs and faculty at The Centre for Compassion & Wisdom, Canada. Shelley has developed and delivered uniquely-inspired mindfulness and meditation programs for more than 15 years. She is an instructor at the University of Toronto for the School of Continuing Studies in the Foundations of Applied Mindfulness and Meditation Program.

She co-founded Mindfulness Halton/Peel Professional Community, and is a accredited facilitator of the 16 Guidelines For Life.

Béatrice Testet

Artist and colorist with an atypical path ! In search of curiosities and multiple experiences, and the infinitely colored exploration of the Being, I am so creative…I love the sensitive beauty of Nature, such a wonderful inspiration.

I am trained in L 1 & 2 of 16G and I deliver workshops to connect to one’s creative self through color and joyfulness.

Isabelle Chanavat

For many years, Isabelle has meditated and looked for tools to develop an attentive presence in daily life. She has explored Holistic Harmonisation, relaxation, hypnosis, yoga, neuroscience, quantum physics, Non violent communication, MBSR, 16 Guidelines and more. She currently facilitates mindfulness groups for young people using the techniques of Eline Snel, Forgiveness Circles and Toltec games.


Nicolas Brun

Nicolas is a teacher that worked at the French national educational system during 15 years. He completed 5 years of buddhist philosophy studies with the FPMT. He met Pam Cayton in 2011 and discovered the Creating Compassionate Cultures project, which aims to offer a new way to educate the mind and heart of kids with the help of integrated study programs and mindfulness practices in schools. He is also a certified teacher of ART of Fulfilment. Today, he dedicates his time to share these tools, specially with school teachers, offering courses to help support their projects.